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What are the Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a big news to anyone whether it is wanted Pregnancy or unwanted Pregnancy. When it is wanted pregnancy, you will show the eagerness to find for the signs of Pregnancy. Same time, when it is unwanted pregnancy, then the eagerness is to get rid of this unwanted pregnancy.

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So, the signs of pregnancy will start showing with the involvement of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone.
So, if you are looking for the signs of pregnancy immediately within the first week of conception, you don’t get it. Because by this time neither the woman nor her body knows conception has occurred. After ovulation (luteal phase) the body functions the same whether conception has occurred or not. This only changes starts appearing after implantation when the HCG Hormone starts playing it’s role.

Here are the signs and symptoms of possible pregnancy :


1. Missed period. No explanation required, as that is the time people usually worry about contraceptives failure.
2. Nausea. Though it is not a sign that can be seen in everyone, most of the pregnant woman’s common symptom during early pregnancy.
3. A change in mucus (vaginal). Tends to get thicker and more profuse.
4. Start feeling more hungry than usual even unusual timings. This is due to the growing cells inside your body that needs more intake to grow faster.
5. Sudden dislike of smells and tastes you previously enjoyed or didn’t mind. This could be even the regular staple food you take as part of your meal everyday. Especially the cooking smell of rice.
6. Needing of pee a lot. Peeing a lot that may or may not look yellow.
7. Boobs getting tender, nipples hurting, increased breast size. This will be see more prominent during first pregnancy.
8. Bleeding cervix after the 1st week of conception due to cervix changes during pregnancy.
9. Dizziness/lightheaded – possibly caused low blood sugar and lowered blood pressure during pregnancy.
The best way to find out if you’re pregnant or not, is to take a sensitive HTP test, preferably after your period is due.

Pregnancy Testing:


Doctors can also order a blood test that will tell you if you’ve got more than the very minimal non pregnant HTP levels.
Most common pregnancy indications that aren’t caused by pregnancy are actually symptoms of an up and coming period, hormonal fluctuations, stress or in the case where someone desperately wants a baby, they may notice normal body changes in a cycle. the body signs mean pregnancy rather than normal cycle stuff.
Why to think this much ? Just go to a medical shop and get a pregnancy tester and see whether it is a single line or a double line by testing your urine.
Now, it’s your turn on how you react and how to you want to take it forward.

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