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What is Freedom? Do you Really have it?

What is Freedom? Do you Really have it?

What is Freedom? How do you define your freedom?


Let me put my brain hammering random stuff before answering this question. What is Freedom? Do you Really have it? What is freedom to you


What is freedom?


To have your own space in relationship or to get rid of oppressive government.

To pack your bags and leave for a solo trip or to take part in mass movement for a better social life.

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To earn money and manage them on your own or to learn your passion without bothering about money.

To have courage to say NO to something you don’t like or sometimes one YES to make things better then before, keeping you ego aside.


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Well, I defer slightly.


Nothing mentioned above comes under purview of Freedom, those are mere choices in given circumstances.


Sometimes, doing things without showing emotions of love and hatred for betterment of your own and others life is called Freedom. Here, freedom is called maturity. This comes with experience and self love


Sometimes, Freedom is accepting the dark side of yourself while improvising brighter side. Here, freedom is your will.


Do not complain for the change you want to see. It is just a feeling. Acting for the change will only result in Freedom.


You know, who is enjoying freedom at fullest?


The kid who doesn’t understand the conspiracy of being human while leaking in diaper, is free.


The kid who loves to craft paper boat on rainy street and not afraid of getting drowned, is free.


Freedom is setting yourself free from burden of adulthood and enjoying being innocent kid. Not always possible but let’s try to see it.


Freedom is smiling, under any circumstances.


Freedom is reading, whatever you like.


Finally freedom is writing, which makes sense.


I already wrote one quote above.


This is called Freedom.

I guess, I am free and I really have it 🙂

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