What makes LOVE lasts for LONG ?

What makes LOVE lasts for LONG

How to make a Relationship Last Forever?

Whether it is Just LOVE or MARRIAGE or a LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIP… Love is beautiful, intoxicating, and we all want it to last with us forever. No one knows what makes love lasts for long and How to make a relationship last forever. There are many things comes in… when you speak about how much time a love lasts. What makes love stronger between two ? What makes LOVE lasts for LONG? If you know the secret of Best ways to keep your Bonding STRONGER then you will be the winner of this universe.

So, what makes a love lasts for long?

What is that ? Is it just Sexual relationship or something magical that is not at all related to this… Well there could be something more than these? If not we don’t need to discuss it here.

I did a small research on this and took the opinion of people who are in a relationship from long time and who were in it for a short time.

There are people who stay in a relationship forcefully though they don’t feel any love and affection. Do they really deserve it. Leave about them. I speak about you now. If you’re one of those few people who is suffering a life without love… Know these points how to make your love lasts for long or What makes the love lasts forever.

So here are the 10 things that keeps the love lasts for long and for blessed people it is forever and ever ?

How to make your love stronger?

The Trust:

What do you expect in 1st place other than trust ? Trust is the foundation of Love. Love is a beautiful feeling that builds strong on the grounds of trust. If there is trust from both sides, love grows naturally. To last your love longer, mutual trust is the base thing to keep your relationship stronger forever and together. Suspicion of one on another will start creating cracks on love. It’s not the mistake of the one, who is having the opinion of suspicion on the other one. Each should open up well about those things that is keeping the other one disturbed about the love you both share.

Little romantic with A soft touch and A warm hug:

Romance is not always a physical thing to think. A touch or a warm hug is the most powerful thing that keeps a bond more attached. In a romantic relationship… holding hands while walking or hugging each other before departing, patting them on their back or a kiss on their forehead while leaving, a text message of “MISS YOU” and many more to say it silently that… your love is eternal for them and lasts forever. These frequent hugs and kisses, show how much you love the person, which eventually make relationship last for long.

Understand the Loneliness & Disappointments:

There are many things that runs in our brain continuously due to work pressure or lack of sleep or stress. Sometimes or most of the times this creates depression, Disappointment and loneliness. Reasons could be anything. This is where everyone needs a person who loves them and understand them without opening their heart by words. If you can win their heart and make their loneliness run far away from them… Understand the feeling of loneliness and fill that emptiness with your love and care to say that you are there for them in every hurdle and every battle. Then you would be the winner of that love that lasts forever.

Let them fall in love with you every moment:

At young age we try many tricks to impress someone whether to attract them or to be with them or to grab their attention. We think differently and specially until they fall for us. Once they fall for us and they are for us… we tend to neglect with the feeling that they will be with us and no need to impress or flirt again. That is not correct. Falling in love is easy but keeping the state of love constant and ever blooming is difficult when the days are passing. You love them… so there is nothing wrong to do even silly things to impress them. Though they are silly and small that makes an impression that you will do anything to make them smile… laugh and to make them happy. Eventually that makes them fall in love with you every time which will be very fresh every time 🙂 .

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Practice to be patient and be the 1st to forgive :

Cooking a wonderful dish is not a 1 minute thing. Even the ready made Maggi noodles will take 2 minutes of time to cook. So, never expect the result instantly. Your personality might be a short tempered or always angry man kind. But that may not be the case with your partner. They might be expecting a soft spoken and a person who can listen them before they speak. Try to be a person of that kind. That is the best personality and attitude any person will like and that is what required in every relationship to last it for long. Patience will teach you forgiveness and that is what is needed for a ship to sail smoothly.

Gift them the gratitude of being with you in the form they love:

Love can be shown in different ways. Meaning of love is different for different hearts. Understand their language of love and respect it by honoring what they are expecting in that love. Let’s start showing the taste of love in the way they like (They will eventually understand to show the love the way you like). Let them get addicted to your love ?. Tadaaa… No hurdle can separate you both after that.

Let’s not speak too practical, instead help them by understanding the practicality:

Thinking practically will work anywhere but not in case of love. Everyone knows that when you love someone… It is not just love and happiness you are going to share with them but the responsibilities, burdens and duties too. Initial stage of love will hide the last 3 things. But once you start living and being around in that love… You will start facing them. You need to prepare yourself for that at starting only. Because love comes with expectations of happiness and hides the responsibilities behind. You be practical with the responsibilities, burdens and duties and guide yourself in a planned manner by planning a way not to disturb your love for each other. You don’t need to say your partner to be practical when something comes wrong in your way as an issue. She or he might have thought that they are happy to run the race with you though the legs hurt sometimes. Because they might have loved your company and thought to forget the pain. Understand that and keep that love alive always.

Why I said this ?

Because… People love happily initially. But after sometime with the responsibilities coming in their way and the partner is expecting your love and care… they start telling to the partner to be practical and not to behave as young days. I thing you got me now ?

Compliment your Love:

Top and open secret of any couple in love is Compliment your partner. We love to admire a beautiful rose that we see in decoration and a rose in someone’s hand. But we don’t pay much attention to the rose that has blossomed in our garden. We hardly see it once or twice and leave it. But the fact is… you are the one who is growing that rose in your garden. You take more care and it will mesmerize you with the beauty all the day.

So, be good and compliment the one that is staying with you unlike comparing them with outsiders. It’s not just about beauty. For example… If you say your partner that, “you look beautiful today”… That makes them blush for that moment. They want to blush every time. So, for that they try to impress you all the time just the way you like. If you say… “food is delicious today”… they will try to get that compliment everyday by trying something for you. That means.. you are making them love you.

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Let them feel the “BE YOU” moment every time:

Every person lives 2 lives. 1 before love one after love. Most of us might have used this line “I used to be like this before but not now” Whatever it could be. Being in a relationship might have changed the PAST YOU. Never let that happened to your partner. Make them feel free in their likes and dislikes. Let them follow their heart and give your suggestions whenever they need. Don’t put your thoughts on their chest and rub off their personality completely off.

Remember… you liked the PAST personality of your love. That’s why you are together now. If you make them live the same every moment, they would love to live with you forever. You know… A person who can live a single life before and even after being in a relationship feels very blessed about their lives. If you give that things to your love and feel that they are same from past and present and… they are going to be same in future too… then your love will be yours forever and Happy Love life will start from then.

Hmm… You think I forgot to mention about that ? ?… No I remember.

But that is the last option which is not even needed to discuss here. Physical appearance will last only for some time. Time being… your skin will start showing wrinkles and your muscles will be weak to make love but, what lasts forever is the love you both shared together. If you care about all the 9 points then 10th point what you think I need to tell is nowhere in the way of love to last it forever.

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