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Why INDIAN WIFE Cries A lot?

Indian Wife

Why Do Indian Wife Cries?

What do you think? You think it is funny? Don’t you dare to laugh

This is Serious… Why only Indians has the tradition to make their wife cry?

India is the biggest democratic country where everyone has right to speak.

But do Indian wife has that right to speak out what she want? Do we need a democratic rule for women separately?

Looks like we surely need it.

Because India is a country where the women loses her freedom with the name of Wedding (Except few who are lucky enough to have a wonderful family life) Women will be bound to certain rules and border lines with the name of  customs  and Tradition… And women lose her self-respect with the name of respect towards her Husband. This has not changed even in case of educated and working women too.

Men… Please understand

1. She has come from a different place. So, she cannot be like you immediately after marriage. Don’t think and expect that she should be like your mother. You definitely can’t be like her father.


2. Marrying her is not a permission given to you to take it for granted about her family and her life. She is also like you… come with more expectations of Love and care. If you can’t give so much like that, it’s OK… She can adjust. But don’t judge her that she is not up to the mark like an Indian wife.

3. When you are pointing her about something… Just think that what will you feel if you are in her place. Woman cry only because of her helplessness situation that they face… But not to melt the people who is listening her.

4. Before abusing her… remember that you have promised her that you will take care of her in every aspect of her life. I am sure abusing is not a kind of care you need to show.

5. Is there any promise she made that I am a woman and I am not eligible to take any decisions of my own and I am not capable of anything…? So, I will completely depend on you? No right? Then why do you stop her if she has some dreams in her life. You think she will sit on your head if you give that chance? Do you think the same in case of your sister?

6. Marrying her is like a thing that you bought from a seller? Then why do you think that she is the property of your family and can’t go back her home and behave like how she was at her home? Technically speaking… She is buying you by giving money with the name of Dowry. So, now tell me… who has to bound to whom?

7. Now come to equality… Why can’t you treat your working wife equal to you? Why can’t you share the household work when you both are working. If she is earning less than you… You are happy. But if, she is earning more than you… then what? You think she is showing her attitude just because she asked your help in her household work?

8. Here comes the Kids… Kids are the outcome of your Love. But why should she only have to take care of the kids. Can’t you share that to make her better? Why do you escape saying… I am taking care of kid’s future. She is not leaving that entirely to you. She just needs little help. You think she has no role is Kid’s future?

9. What about sharing Love, discussing with her before taking some decision, bringing something for her while coming home… You think if you do any of these things… then wife will be upper hand and you are not the boss of home? Is that true. Women think… that is the respect she is getting as a wife. But can you be so loyal to do all the above things?

10. Last but not least… Why do they do everything for you though they don’t have any blood relation with you. You think that is for their bread and butter? Don’t they get it from their parents? What happens if she leaves you. You might be thinking that she will be alone and difficult to deal her life. That’s not true… It is not the thing that is going to happen now and in future. She has guts to live alone with her kids, She has dare to face the world and to prove what she is, She gets a chance to pursue her dreams and She can live a life in the way she wanted.

Never make your wife cry. She may not be your mother and sister. But without any prior relationship with you she has come to LOVE YOU and live with you for her entire life. She surely deserves a great life. If you can’t give that, its fine. But don’t make her cry with your incapability to make her life better. If possible make her happy by following these… Read More…

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