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Why a WOMAN is always Special than a MAN?

What are the best qualities in a woman

What makes Women more special than Men ?

Is it the beauty that is hidden behind her curves makes Woman more special than Man ? Hmm… That might be one reason but we are talking in general here. What are the best qualities in a woman ?. We are talking about a person that is being with us as a mother, wife and as a sibling at home, A person that is there around your work place, on the road in your way. Why people gets attracted more towards woman than a man. What makes Women more special than Men ? What is a woman capable of being so special in a crowd ?

Women more special than Men ?Women more special than Men ?

Women more special than Men ?

Let’s go to the facts. Google search has revealed that, most searched person for the year of 2017 is sunny Leon. I don’t speak anything about why and how ? But she is a woman. People are attracted towards her and her real life and her real life stories.

A woman is the best and the most amazing creation of god.

I am sure no one will say NO to my statement because she is such a magical angel that makes everything for everyone’s happiness. People often think women are weaker than men. But I feel it applies only to the gender body strength and physic. But when it comes to mental strength… Women are more stronger than men.

What are the best qualities in a woman ?


Its not just about the beauty and the beautiful curves that makes women more special. It is her true hearth for love, gentle and soft touch as a mother and her brave heart for taking critical decisions and for bearing many painful things yet hides everything behind her tears and keep the makeup of ever fading happiness.

She forms a life:

She is a rose that withers herself to give birth to you, though she knows that her beauty will go off and will never comeback if she does that. Still she choose to go with it. That is why she is special.

Pregnant woman carrying another life in her happily

Pregnant woman carrying another life in her happily

She makes everything beautiful around her with her sweet smile and soft words. A place without a woman is more like a devils platform where there is nothing to live like a happy man. She creates that kind of magic at home. She adds colors to life. That is why she is special

Women add colors to every man's life

Women add colors to every man’s life

She never shout on anyone without any reason. She thinks 10 times before hurting someone whether they really deserve it or not. And she is the one who can suppress the pain of those words immediately for anyone. That is why she is very special.

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A woman can manage very well at home and also at work place which a man really cannot do. She can play her every role perfect without any remark. And she is a multitasker. A woman can resolve a problem with heart. A man will do the same thing with brains. A Problem that gets resolved with a solution from heart will be more justified than a problem that is resolved with brains. She, herself feels as victim while resolving a problem.

A women treat her child and husband equally. A men cannot do that ? (There are exceptions always). Apart from wife role woman can be a trust worthy and best friend to get any suggestions and to make any decisions.

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Her leadership Capabilities :

While speaking in public, a women thinks about everyone around her and make sensible talk and always make sure what to speak and what not to speak. A man cannot do that. He always focus on himself 1st and the others next. It doesn’t mean that men are selfish. They are not very focused about others. A woman can make miracles while leading and implementing something and we can see some imperfections and deviations when it comes to Men ?

Women Leader are the best

Women Leader are the best

Apart from all these only a woman can play the roles of everyone including GOD, which cannot be done by men for sure. Agree with me if you see the same with your mother.

Dedicated to all Women…

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