10 Super secrets of Successful and Happy Married Life

How to make married Life Happy ?

Happy Married Life Secrets – How to make married Life Happy ?

How to make your married Life Happy

How to be happy in married Life

“Marriages are made in Heaven”… That’s a very old saying but still worthwhile to memorize it again and again when we speak about wedding secrets. You agree or not… Life without marriage is an incomplete circle that allows every misery and sorrow into your life at one point. So get married and close that circle :-). To advice for married couples let me tell you the most interesting Happy Married Life Secrets 🙂 .  You don’t need to know the characteristics of a successful marriage separately if you know the below facts of a healthy and happy married life.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Mignon McLaughlin.

Your married life is in trouble ?  Or you think you need a marriage counseling ?… I am here to help you with How to make your married Life Happy. To make it happy and more happy… you need to follow some rules. actually they are not rules but few bullet points in the directory of Marriage. Not every marriage is happy and successful whether it is Love or arranged. Some or the other differences comes between two people which makes the life a hell. No two people can think alike. Then how can you expect an unknown person should think same like you and understand you.

If you really need them to understand you.. 1st you need to understand them. The Love between wife and husband is actually a lock between two hearts that gets open with both of their sweet smiles to open the happiness. If one is sad.. then it will not open.

So.. To be happy and to make your life beautiful… try to append these to your life… 🙂

If you are not married yet… then this is an advice for couples getting married

 Here are the 10 best marriage advises for every married couple:


1. Respect your Partner’s Habits, Thoughts and share the Happiness and Burdens:

You might be thinking why “respect” comes in the middle when we both are very happy just like friends. Yes, correct. But in this point women thinks a bit more inner. Women will have more self respect than men. She needs a bit consideration and respect on her opinions. Men should understand and respect that. “Sharing a chocolate makes it more sweeter” This is there for a chocolate Advertisement. Then what about sharing the happiness… 🙂 In this case… Your happiness will be multiplied. And sharing your burdens will subtract the Pain. Try it and See…

2. Love Unconditionally :

No barriers and limitations to love. If you love more you get more. Don’t ever think negatively that if you love more… then the other one will take it for granted. Its not true in case of life partner. Let them trust you that you are the only one who loves them more than anyone else in this world.

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3. Never say yours and mine:

This is very important thing when we speak about happy marriage. Marriage is a thing that unites 2 people.. That is the external thing that we see. It actually unites 2 hearts, 2 families and 2 different ways of living a life. You need to adapt to that.. to see your partner happy. Never say “This is my House”.. “This is my Baby”.. “This is my Money”.. If you do that you are the one who is drawing a line between you both to separate each other. Practice to say “Our”. Then your partner will also start thinking in the same way.


4. Never criticize for Negatives:

We are just human beings controlled by our emotions. We have both positives and negatives in our life. Same with our partners… But just think that we are also same.. and we too have some negatives though we don’t share to anyone. Accept them and If you can correct them with your behavior and love that is perfectly fine. Tell them how the family will be suffered in future with that negative behavior. Your patience will definitely change them

5. Be honest and Never break the Trust :

There will be many things in life that we can’t and don’t like to share to anyone. OK.. its not a problem and you are not an exception. But just to hide that never lie to your partner. Instead of that be silent for some time. You can tell that at right time. That creates a kind of trust in you and the relationship.  Just for time sake and to escape from the moment if you lie.. you will not get a chance to tell the truth next time :-). So never break the trust.. Its like breaking their heart.

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6. Support and Encourage :

Everyone of us have goals in our life but not everyone will get that opportunity to fulfill them at right time due to family commitments or money constraints or for kids or anything.. Few will plan them to complete at later stages of life. So try to know the heart of your loved one and support them to achieve their goals. That creates a satisfaction and develops a positive view about future.

7. Excuse the Mistakes : 

It’s a very common for human being to make mistakes. Its same with our partner. So don’t fight for that. Just think that you are the only one for them to guide in good or bad situations. Discuss with them to know… what made them to do that mistake and how to resolve it in a friendly way. That gives so much confidence to them that someone is there for them to share what they are thinking. Help them for not doing the same mistake again.

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8. Ask for help :

Attitude of Men and women is different in this case. Men will always depend on women for many regular things..Just like a kid and Women loves to help them :-). In this case men are very lucky. But.. Dear Men… Don’t think that your women doesn’t need your help. They love that too if you help them. Actually men helping at home is very romantic too 🙂 . This is one best way to make your wife happy 🙂

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9. Compliment about their Positives :

This is actually true that men loves to hear compliments about them more than women. But they never open up :-). So Ladies… Catch your husband’s pulse and start complimenting them… Let that be about their achievements, sense of humor, looks, activities and dressing… anything….And see their smiling and shining face even for a very small compliment. This actually sweetens your relationship and add fun to life. This is the best wedding advise and open secret for successful and happy married life. And the very known fact of life is women love the compliments about their beauty than anything else :-). So men… got it right ?? 🙂

10. Try to be Romantic :

When i say romantic… This is not always about making love. It works till your 30s to 40s. But romantic in thoughts and romantic at heart is a thing that unites your souls till the death. Gifting.. complimenting.. surprises.. Lovely teasing…and all come under this 🙂


Finally.. What i want to say is.. Life is very small and we get very very short time to spend with our loved ones. So never hesitate to compromise and never hesitate to express your love. After all that’s your life and you want to live that very happily. So why late… Go ahead 🙂 Marriages might have made in Heaven…But to make it as heaven or Hell it is completely in our hands 🙂

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My best wishes for marriage for those who are ready to start their life newly keeping all the 10 things in mind… 🙂

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