How to get rid of Unwanted Pregnancy NATURALLY

How to get rid of unwanted pregnancy ? Natural Methods of Abortion

Top solutions to get rid of Unwanted Pregnancy NATURALLY

Pregnancy is always a gift and boon to every woman’s life. Pregnancy is always blissful and happy when you want it and it becomes a reason to celebrate our life and future. But the same pregnancy is hell and creates lot of tension when you’re really not ready to keep it and not ready for the consequences of Unwanted pregnancy. How to get rid of Unwanted Pregnancy NATURALLY ? There are many reasons a woman is not ready to take that pregnancy and continue till the delivery. Those reasons could be of mother’s ill health, early age, marriage failure, failure of birth control measures and accidental, unplanned pregnancy or unexpected pregnancy. That time people look for Natural Methods of Abortion and worry about How to get rid of Pregnancy. This will make them to look for abortion pill or where to get abortion done. If Those are just temporary and want to avoid that safely without getting that effect for your next pregnancy, you should abort that naturally and go for termination of pregnancy NATURALLY.

Natural remedies will not create any harm to your health and child bearing capacity in your future. If you follow them, you don’t need to look for different abortion techniques. So… How to avoid unwanted pregnancy NATURALLY?

Note :

These remedies are safe and perfectly effective till 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy. Few of these Natural Methods of Abortion will work after 8 to 10 weeks but may causes over bleeding which is painful. Pregnancy confirmation methods are so effective these days. So, once you realized that you missed your period… get a confirmation with pregnancy tester with in that week and start using one of these methods to get rid of it and get your period back. So i suggest you the Top 10 Best ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancy NATURALLY

I don’t want to irritate you with lot of content to go through and read. Just explaining in a simple way on How to avoid the unwanted Pregnancy.

Below are the 10 best ways to get rid of pregnancy naturally.

Green Papaya (Unripe or Semi ripe) – Best remedy to avoid unplanned pregnancy without abortion Pill :

For many reasons papaya is the top most remedy to get rid of pregnancy which is actually true and most effective. Papaya in unripe and semi ripe condition act as a good aborting agent when taken along with water. Enzymes in unripe papaya will act as prostaglandin and oxycotin which will be actually used to induce labor. So eating papaya will induce pre-mature induction of labor  and thus induces an abortion of the baby. Where as fully ripen papaya is good source of vitamins and good for health if you want to keep that pregnancy.


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Pineapple (Raw) to help you with unexpected Pregnancy – Best for Natural Methods of Abortion:

Again the same, just like raw papaya.. raw pineapple juice is also the best remedy for early abortion. Pineapples contains vitamin C & protease enzyme bromelain. Bromelain can also aid in softening the cervix that will lead to miscarriage. Hence pineapple will be in the 2nd place to get rid of pregnancy in early stages. Take one raw pineapple and make a glass of juice adding it with water.

Sesame seeds (Til) with Honey to terminate the Pregnancy Naturally:

Consumption of sesame seeds will induce the contraction and excite the uterine muscle. That will lead to the expulsion of fertilized ovum and will abort the pregnancy in early stages. Honey causes heat to the body and hence eating sesame seeds with honey will give better results to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Take more amount of sesame seeds.

Exercise and Heavy Workouts helps in place of Abortion Pills to get rid of Pregnancy Naturally:

There is no special mechanisms in this method of aborting pregnancy. Heavy exercises, workouts and weight lifting are not at all recommended if someone really wants to keep the pregnancy. But that is a good and healthy solution to get your periods back immediately. Climbing steps and skipping will help better.

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Chamomile tea helps to avoid surgical abortion for unexpected Pregnancy:

Less intake of chamomile tea is good for pregnant women, but more intake of the same will induce abortion. Take dried chamomile.. add some water and soak it for  5 to 10 mins and drink several cups daily to get rid of pregnancy.

Foods with Vitamin C for Natural Abortion Techniques:

Intake of Vitamin C during pregnancy is good for baby’s health. But too much quantity of Vitamin C intake during early pregnancy is not recommended and that works as good Natural Abortion Technique. That will lead to termination of pregnancy if you take too much quantity in 1st trimester. To get more content of vitamin C, eat fruits like…citrus, grapes, raspberries, strawberries etc… generally vitamin C more than 10 or 12 grams consumed will induce abortion in 3 to 6 days.

Hot shower:

 Another natural and simple home remedy for abortion is to take a hot shower. In our head.. Under the scalp we have many hormone inducing points and nerve endings which will get activated when we take a hot shower. This will become better for you when you combine it with the consumption any natural remedy mentioned above. It will surely aid in a safe way in order to get the best results.

Parsley (Coriander) to Get rid of pregnancy Naturally:

Parsley or coriander leaves is one of the best remedy for inducing the abortion from age old days. Leaves of Parsley causes abortion by loosening the cervix. It can be consumed  by taking along with water or by keeping some quantity of leaves at the vaginal entry changing it every 4 to 5 hrs… which will soften the cervix and induces the abortion. This is one of the very easy and painless process of Natural Abortion Techniques

Black Cohosh One of the best Natural Methods of Abortion: 

This herb makes your uterus ready for miscarriage. You should take black or red cohosh for this purpose. It will not completely do abortion but will promote it. You may suffer from some side effects (nausea, faintness, vomiting, and diarrhea). But they are not permanent they will go with time.

Neem – the best unwanted pregnancy solution and also the best way to prevent the Pregnancy:

Azadirachta indica or Neem is a Plant from god for it’s medicinal value. Neem leaf Juice can prevent fertilization of sperm and ovum by reducing the mobility of the sperm in the vagina and the uterus. To get the expected result, you can put the neem leaf paste or juice directly in the uterus . Plant enzymes in neem will help by killing the sperm in just 30 seconds. This works perfect in preventing unwanted pregnancy by stopping it before you get pregnant. Use this solution to avoid unwanted pregnancy immediately after sex.

Having Sex is one of the best Natural Methods of Abortion for 2 to 3 weeks pregnancy:

Having sex too many times will also lead to abortion when it is 2 to 3 weeks pregnancy. This method is one of the interesting and effective home remedies for abortion that you should not skip. This is safe and effective way to get rid of pregnancy until the end of 2nd trimester.

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