How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY

Every Gentleman should know this… How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY

Wife is every Husband’s 2nd mother. But, husband is always wife’s first kid. This is what a wife’s heart is. That is the bond a good relationship or happy wedding creates. Now this is the precious time for you both… She is carrying your image in her womb. This is a great time to express all your love to her. Keeping her happy is your duty. But, keeping her happier is very important for her and the baby too. So… How to keep your pregnant wife happy?

Here are the few points every husband should keep in mind when their wife is carrying.

How to keep your pregnant wife HAPPY:

1. Let her show all her excitement about the good news and cheer up:

Once you both are prepared to invite your baby home, both of you would be more excited for the coming little dude. Here… you are the best buddy to her. So, she always feels like sharing everything with you first. Understand that and give her a warm hug and listen whatever she is feeling about the confirmed pregnancy. Not only when you heard it 1st time… continue that till last month to make her warm and happy always.

2. Know her heart and get her before she asks:

This would be a very easy thing for you as, you already love her so much. But during pregnancy craving for different things is more than the normal time. During pregnancy, women may not like the things what they usually like. Don’t force her what she doesn’t feel like eating. Instead get what she tells. If  the things she asked should not be taken during pregnancy, convince her telling some sweet excuses. Remember… She is not asking you all these… the naughty little one who is playing inside her is insisting ?. So, treat her like a baby and convince her if something is not good for her and the baby.

3. Take her to a Babymoon:

Very interesting till here right ? 🙂


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Apart from these there are many things… Only you know about her. So, you know how to make her happy for sure ?

All the best…

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