10 Best NATURAL Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

How to get rid of Menstrual Cramps Naturally ?

Menstrual Cramps:

Being a Women I know how painful and annoying the menstrual cramps or stomach pain or dysmenorrhea during our regular periods. We cannot avoid the periods which is a required and natural thing in every woman’s life. But surely we can get rid of this pain if, we take few natural remedies and do some modifications in our lifestyle and food habits before and during the time of periods. I will tell you the Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps. Before that… you need to know the below things to understand this female problem that happens in women health.

What are menstrual Cramps ?

Menstrual cramp is a kind of pain that occurs before starting of the menstrual cycle or During the cycle. They occur in almost all women if not in every cycle but at least once in their life time. Severity of the pain varies from person to person and it also varies with age group too. Sufferers of this pain is mostly at the age group of 13 to 38 Years. It gets reduced after that age and almost disappear once you have your 1st baby.

Why do we get menstrual Cramps Or Stomach pain during Periods?

Cramps in any part of the body occurs due to muscle contraction. When it comes to Menstrual cramps or stomach pain during periods, the pain is due to contraction of uterine muscle. The concept of muscle cramps is almost similar to the cramps or contraction during delivery of a baby and the pain during delivery of a baby is also similar to the pain during menstrual cycle.