What is the Best way to save your Money in Global Pandemic Situation? Keeping the liquid amount or Investing in any assets?

How to save your Money during Global pandemic situation ?

How to save your Money during Global pandemic situation ?

Which is the more secured way to save our hard earned money during the global critical situation? There is no field that is not effected with this Global pandemic attack. Almost, all the fields have comedown in its growth and profits. Employment got effected badly and few of the startups were closed due to lack of investments. But few people who is working through online medium are still getting paid with their salaries. And there are people who saved some liquid amount before the situation and kept the whole thing in their hands. The current condition of banks and the money in saving accounts is also not assured. So, where to save our money and be happy until we come out of this global crisis? We definitely can’t save it in our Mom’s  Tadka Box 🙂

So, How should I save my money in this global pandemic situation? Many questions will come in to our mind

Should I keep the liquid amount or should I buy assets?

If it is in Liquid amount should i keep it in banks or keep the hard cash with me ?

If i keep much cash what if the Demonetization kind of thing happens overnight ?

What if i buy some gold with that cash to avoid keeping it in banks or keeping it with me ?

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All these above questions must be running in the brain for most of us.

Not only the global pandemic situation… We have so many threats that are worrying our banks and savings in any form. The news of India and China war is going round and round in the news. The War of Grasshoppers is already declared and our former from different states are fighting for their crops. All these things are troubling our economy like never before. So, You can’t trust the bank as the government has the right to take funds from public during the situation of Global crisis. You can’t trust Sovereign Bonds, US Bonds and not the Indian Government Securities. You can’t trust gold either, as the gold rates are never standard and the ups and downs are again depends on global conditions.

Buying Assets ?

Coming to purchase of Assets, assets should be purchased only when we have sufficient funds for all our needs and this is definitely not a good time for any investment. We are not sure when this situation will comedown and when do we see the real light of the world. Property rates must be looking low at this moment, but this is not a temporary situation. So, Investing your money in them expecting them to raise up after lock down and after the vaccine will throw you in to troubles.  You should always keep enough liquid money, with which you can survive the next 5–6 months, especially for now all savings should not be put into solid investments. If there is no source of income for now ,it will prevent you from panic rush to the banks and give you a sense of security in any worse situation or mishaps until everything calms down.

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So, to plan… Keep the next 9 month of your expenditure in Liquid assets like liquid fund and/or short term bank deposit and surplus thereafter. If same amount not require for any other financial obligation /goal , you can plan for physical assets or financial assets depending upon you needs and objective of investment. That’s it.

Lets pray for the rest until the economy bounce back to normal.

Hope this helps … 🙂

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If a child was born without human contact for years what language they would speak?

Feral Child

What language a Human speak if he is nowhere in touch with other human for many years ?

Have you ever imagined yourself residing in a forest staying with a species that is not similar to you in talks, walks and behaviors ? We see this in movies like Mowgli , Taarzan and any special people that resides away from other humans. Their the movie shows Mowgli talking to his animal friends and fighting with tiger for Blood flower. That is all as directed by the movie director to entertain the kid audience. Of course they do it, otherwise who would like to watch any movie just with animal sounds and no human talks.

Coming to the point what language does the human speak when he/She is born and brought up away from human for years ?

When you ask this question to anyone, the answer would depends on the perception of that person as this is a hypothetical question and no one could experience this personally until they try themselves which is not possible practically.

But we are free to assume, free to imagine and free to create interesting stories for this question. Let’s discuss the actual answer after sometime but let’s see how that imaginary things goes.

How safe is it for a baby to sleep with a Pet ?

You might have heard about feral child or wild child grown by the wolfs and lived isolated from human contact from a very young age. We can see many cases like this with different sources in Wiki. Humans raised by Wolfs, Humans raised by Dog, Humans raised by Monkey, Humans raised by Bears and many more.

Few of those interesting stories are here for you:

Oxana Malaya was an eight-year-old Ukrainian girl, lived with Black Russian Terriers for six years. She is one good example for humans raised by animals. Oxana was found in a kennel with dogs in 1991. She was neglected by her parents who were alcoholics. The three year old looking for comfort crawled into the farm and snuggled in with the dogs. Her behaviour imitated the dogs more than humans. She walked on all fours, bared her teeth, and barked like the dogs. She was removed from her parent’s custody by the social services. As she lacked human contact, she did not know any words besides ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Upon adulthood, Oxana has been taught to subdue her dog-like behaviour. She learned to speak fluently and intelligently and works at the farm milking cows, but remains intellectually impaired.

Years later, she admitted on a Russian talk show that her story was slightly less dramatic; neglected by her parents, she sought out the company of the dogs and learned to imitate them as they were more responsive than her parents. This is one such story that tells how the humans behave if they live away from other humans from long time.

Now, to talk about it practically, English naturalist Charles Darwin has clearly explained this kind of behaviour in his evolution theory. As per him the  Adoption or Acclimatization is one concept that teaches any individual how to live in any tough situation and how to survive and co-exist with other individuals.

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Conclusion :

So, to conclude this… As per the science and the evolution theories, the child need to learn communicating with the surroundings. Whether it is with animals or any other living beings, that is a need. The child need to learn the surviving skills like getting food, sharing the shelter. If they are growing away from any human contact, they definitely can’t speak any language… as god has given that speaking chance only to humans. The child might develop all the habits and behaviors of who has grown them and where they have been brought up.

So… that’s it 🙂

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Best Home remedies to Remove Sun tan

Best Home remedies for Sun tan Removal

How to give a Natural glow to the Skin during Summer

Who doesn’t want a glowing skin naturally ? But how much time we can maintain this in hot summer. Sun is taking off our beauty and effecting the skins natural texture. So, it is definitely required to take care of your skin and need to prevent the skin damage. There are many home remedies for sun tan you can choose. So here are the Best Home remedies to Remove Sun tan for your beautiful skin

Aloe Vera Pack with Little Lemon – best home remedy  for sun tan:

Try a face pack of Aloe Vera and add some lemon to it. Your tanned look will go away in no time at all. A little bit of Aloe Vera gel – all you need is two squeezes. Two to three drops of lemon. Squeeze out the Aloe Vera gel into your palm. Now squeeze your lemon. Be careful because you just require two to three drops maximum. Keep it for 20 minutes. Wash off with some cold water

Baking soda treatment for Sun Tan Removal:

Prepare a solution or a paste by mixing baking soda with water and use it as a scrub to remove the tan from your hands or any affected area. If you are looking out for quick results, then try this procedure every alternate day.

Vinegar and Water treatment – Best home remedies for removing sun tan :

Take equal quantity of vinegar and water in a bowl and mix it well. Then dip your hands into the bowl and let it rest in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Once this is done just wash your hands with cold water.

Gram flour with Lemon and Curd to remove the Tan:

Mix required amounts of gram flour, lemon juice and curd or yogurt. Apply this paste on tan affected area of forehead and face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with water. This is an exclusive face pack prepared at home to remove tan from your skin in a very easy and effective way. Try this thrice in a week to see difference.

Milk powder and Honey to remove the tan Naturally:

Milk powder is a good moisturizer and it also reduces the effects of sun tan and gives a clean texture to the skin. Mix 2 table spoon of milk powder 1 table spoon of honey and a few drops of almond oil in a bowl and apply it on the face. Leave it on the face for 20 minutes before washing it off with water.

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Turmeric and Milk magic remedy for sun tan :

Mix a small amount of turmeric powder in milk. Give your face a good application with the mixture that is formed. Let it paste dry for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it to see the magic.

Vicks Vapor Rub Trick to remove the Sun tan:

Though this is unconventional, vicks vapor rub has proven many a times to be very effective in treating skin that is sunburn. It helps in soothing the blocks.

Just Lemon Juice for Sun tan effect:

Cut a lemon and rub a slice on your tanned skin. Allow it to sit for some minutes before washing it off. Do not keep it for more than 10 minutes as lemon will be acidic on your skin for more time.

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Cucumber Extract, Lemon Juice and Rose Water for sun burn and Sun tan:

Mix one tablespoon of each of the 3 ingredients in a bowl. Take the paste on your finger tips and massage it on on your tanned skin gently. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off after that.

Bengal Gram Flour and Turmeric one of the Best Home remedies to Remove Sun tan for your beautiful skin:

Mix a tiny amount of turmeric with two tablespoons of Bengal gram flour, milk and one-tablespoon rose water. Apply to tanned areas and leave it be for 15-20 minutes before taking it off. This will also work as natural remedy for pimple problems


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Can you break this Puzzle and prove if you are Genius ?

Break the puzzle

Break the Puzzle and Prove yourself 🙂

Let me ask you directly… You can tell your answer in comments section.

A,B,C are having food in a restaurant and the total bill for 3 is 30 rupees.

All the 3 taken 10 rupees each from their pocket

A gave 10 Rupees

B gave 10 Rupees

C Gave 10 Rupees

Total 30 rupees to the waiter.

Waiter went to the owner and gave the 30 rupees to pay the bill.

But the owner took only 25 Rupees and gave the 5 back saying that as discount and told the waiter to return to A,B,C.

Waiter came back and took 2 rupees as tip and gave the remaining 3 rupees  to ABC each 1 rupee.

So, after getting back the 1 rupees each, the final amount each of them paid is

A Paid 9 Rupees

B paid 9 Rupees

C paid 9 rupees

Total  3*9 = 27 and the amount waiter took as tip is 2 rupees. In total  27+2 =29 Rupees.

The total count should come as 30 Rupees. So,

WHO Took that 1 RUPEE ?

Break the puzzle  and answer it in the comments section 🙂


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Why the default color of Jeans is always in Blue ?

Why Jeans is always Blue ?

Why Jeans is always Blue ?

Going for shopping or choosing something casual in online shopping the most obvious trendy match with anything is Jeans and most of the time it is blue. When you think of Jeans the obvious color comes in mind is Blue. But have you ever though why Jeans has emerged it out with the prime color as blue? Blue is the most obvious favorite color of Men… Just a funny though 🙂

Interested to know the story why the color of jeans is emerged as Blue ?

Story of Jeans :

The story of jeans started in FRANCE in late 1880 s but the color imposed to the jeans from INDIA. Denim was produced in Nimes, France in the late 1800s.
In fact, it is hard to determine when they started making it; perhaps as early as the mid-1600s ? The cloth is properly called Serge. The Blue Serge from Nimes was called “Serge de Nimes” (pronounced SERJ de NEEM) but when it was imported into the united States, the anglicized pronunciation was Denim.

The real answer for “why blue” comes from the introduction of bulk Indigo dye to Europe. The default blue color is from the dye called Indican. Prior to the importation of Indigo, woad leaves were the only source of blue dye in Europe and North America. Woad leaves gives a fainter blue and it needs at least 2 times the amount compared to indigo. Then, suddenly, both cheap cotton and cheap Indigo were imported to Nimes via sea routes from India.

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Indigo was imported in its processed form as a pure dye. It looked like rock crystals and for many years people didn’t even know it came from a plant. It was listed as a “mineral”. Woad dye was supplied as rolled-up balls of composted woad leaves. Indigo was extremely cheap, compared to woad. It gave a better and darker blue, and when it hit Europe it put the entire woad industry out of business within a generation. People who could not formerly afford blue clothes now luxuriated in the “color of nobility“.

Indigo Dye Cake
Indigo Dye Cake

How the color imported to different places ?

In the early 1900s the merchants (of Nimes) exported their cloth to the United States in order to make sails for ships, tarpaulins and workmen’s trousers. In 1870, a Bavarian immigrant by the name of Levi Strauss used this cloth to make trousers for the trailblazers opening up the Wild West – made in Genoa of “de Nîmes” cloth. The French word for Genoa Italy is “Genes”, hence, the origin of the word “jeans”.

I’m always surprised by the trade routes implied by this simple statement and how it reached to everywhere. Cotton and indigo from India Imported to Nimes, France. It has Made into cloth. Then Imported to Italy. Made into trousers by a Bavarian. Then Imported to the US east coast. Shipped out west to miners and cowboys.

Cotton serge (aka drill or twill) does not have to be blue. It starts out white or cotton colored. You know how it turned to khaki ? When it is dyed beige or grey it’s called Khaki.

Khaki is dyed after the cloth is woven, but Denim is thread-dyed before weaving. And only half the threads are dyed blue; the rest are white to save on the cost of the indigo, making this cloth a handsome blue while remaining economical for the workmen’s trousers.

Great story right ? It is really interesting to know how our daily wear jeans turned to Blue…

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101 Best tips for Life – Know the best tips to lead a Happy Life

101 tips of Life

               101 Tips to have a Happy Life all the Time

Everyone want to live a happy and peaceful life. But how to make your life beautiful and blissful just with 101 tips for happy life.

Here you

Tips for Happy Life :

1 of 101 Tips for Life

If the crowd goes one way, walk the other way.

2 of 101 Tips for Life

Read a book every week. Not just fiction, but also non-fiction, self-help, fantasy, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology.

3 of 101 Tips for Life

Choose your area of Interest. Open your mind to a new genre of books every 2 months and force yourself to read the best in that genre. If you like the book, pick up similar books and read.

4 of 101 Tips for Life

Watch one critically acclaimed movie every week. Not just Hollywood, but also French, German, Indian, Australian, British, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

5 of 101 Tips for Life

Try watching different movies which are not your kind usually. The kind of movies and movies of different countries every 1 months.

6 of 101 Tips for Life

Lift weights and do resistance training at least 4 times a week.

7 of 101 Tips for Life

Try to stop eating any food with a Cool Drink.

8 of 101 Tips for Life

Look at the ingredients before you buy something (for instance, Nutella has almost 60-70% sugar, jam has around 48% sugar, and so on). Be informed about what you feed your body.

9 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t listen to the people who say “this is the age to eat” when you’re in your teens and twenties. You can eat anything at any age if you build your lifestyle around training your body well, and eating healthy, nutritious food.

10 of 101 Tips for Life

If someone says you can’t do something, and you want to do it (whether you think you can or can’t), go ahead and do it. Go ahead and have all the pleasure of proving them wrong. (No sweeter pleasure on planet earth).

11 of 101 Tips for Life

Stop discussing your goals. Most people won’t help you with your goals when you need something. Some people get jealous. The rest don’t even care.

12 of 101 Tips for Life

 Sleep naked and Cuddle with your beloved naked when sleeping

13 of 101 Tips for Life

Embrace your body as a whole. Don’t slice it into different parts and address some parts with pride and some parts with shame.

14 of 101 Tips for Life

Embrace your life as a whole. Don’t slice it into different parts (of present, past, and future) and stop addressing some parts of your life with pride and some with shame (even if shame is what you feel about all of it).

15 of 101 Tips for Life

Stop constructing your body to the standard of beauty set by people around you. Set your own standard. Get fat if you want. Again… Get fit if you want. Get shredded if you want.  Squat regularly and get a big round butt if that’s what you want. Make sure you’re ready to face the consequences of whatever you choose to pursue after deciding you want it (getting fat doesn’t come with that many good consequences). On the whole, stop living upto the standards other people set for you. Start setting your own standards for yourself.

16 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t respect someone because they’re elder to you. Stupid people get older too. Respect human beings in general, regardless of the age – that’s basic courtesy. Anything beyond that must come from a place of humility, empathy, and acceptance.

17 of 101 Tips for Life

If you’re married (or if you’re in a relationship), it doesn’t matter where you get your appetite, as long as you go home to eat.

18 of 101 Tips for Life

Sometimes you can’t have it all. Deal with it or go broke.

19 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Sometimes you can’t do it all. Do what you do best or see yourself failing trying to do everything at once.

20 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Sometimes – not having it all, not doing it all – have to do with situations where you are not the only one involved – mostly relationships. If it ain’t making you both happy, leave.

21 of 101 Tips for Life

Do something you love, for at least 2 hours every day.

22 of 101 Tips for Life

Have a “no-technology” time from 4 hours before you go to bed. No phones, no social media, no computers, no TV, nothing else. Just you, probably books, or probably your friends/family/spouse/children, and just talk, eat, drink, and rejoice.

23 of 101 Tips for Life

Drink in moderation. Preferably, stop drinking.

24 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t even think about smoking in moderation. NEVER smoke. Don’t pick it up even when a stupid so called “friend” dares you to. It’s better “not to try” some things even for once in a life time.

25 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Walk around in nature at least twice a week for one hour each time.

26 of 101 Tips for Life

Say thanks to your food for nourishing you, before you eat it.

27 of 101 Tips for Life

Reserve 4 hours for complete radio silence one day per week. In those 4 hours, go to a serene and a peaceful place – in your home, or somewhere outside, and sit silently – observe everything that’s going on – both inside as well as outside.

28 of 101 Tips for Life

Take a lot of pictures.

29 of 101 Tips for Life

Watch stand-up comedy, preferably half-an-hour every day.

30 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Learn an instrument that’s not too mainstream, like Cello, Clarinet, Saxophone, Mandolin, bluegrass guitar, etc. Doing this will rewire your brain, and at least an hour of practice every day will make you feel peaceful, at ease, and excited to go about your work for the rest of the day. Over the years, as you master the instrument, you’ll also see your sense of self-worth rising, your brain stretching, and you’ll realize you can do just about anything if you persist!

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31 of 101 Tips for Life

Teach the instrument, once you learn. Pass it on.

32 of 101 Tips for Life

Go to an orphanage or a children’s hospital atleast once in two months. Talk to them. Listen to their stories. Get some help for them if you can.

33 of 101 Tips for Life

Tell people you love, you love them.

34 of 101 Tips for Life

More importantly, show people you love that you love them.

35 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t take anyone for granted.

36 of 101 Tips for Life

If someone isn’t valuing you the way you know you deserve to be valued, walk away.

37 of 101 funny tips for happy life

If you’re an option in someone who’s a priority to you, un-prioritize them.

38 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t play games with someone’s feelings. Be straight forward about how you feel.

39 of 101 Tips for a happy Life

If you know someone’s manipulating you, either walk away, or confront them.

40 of 101 funny tips for happy life

 If you know someone’s been giving their all for you, with very little in return from you, go out of your way to show them that you care, that you know what it means.

41 of 101 Tips for Life

Minimize the amount of technology you have.

42 of 101 Tips for Life

Get a USB hub.

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43 of 101 Tips for Life

If you haven’t worn something for over a year, give it away.

44 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t buy anything if it is not immediately necessary or urgently needed. Simply put, don’t buy anything for luxury.

45 of 101 Tips for Life

Sponsor a girl child’s education from kindergarten until she finishes her college.

46 of 101 Tips for Life

If you’re a man, shave every day, and cut your hair once in three months. Refer point 15, if you don’t like this advice.

47 of 101 Tips for Life

If you’re a woman, you know what to do. 😉

48 of 101 Tips for Life

Drink a gallon of water every day.

49 of 101 Tips for Life

Kill your television.

50 of 101 Tips for Life

Cook with Garlic.

51 of 101 Tips for Life

Write down your blessings and what you’re grateful for, every day before you begin the day.

52 of 101 Tips for Life

Assume the best by default – in people, situations, and things. (With dogs, you don’t even have to assume).

53 of 101 Tips for Life

Get a dog (or a cat if you prefer cats).

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54 of 101 Tips for Life

Go on a road trip once in 6 months at the least. Brownie points for road-tripping somewhere you have never even remotely been to, in your life.

55 of 101 Tips for Life

Swallow your pride and ask for help, if you can’t do it all by yourself.

56 of 101 Tips for Life

Swallow your pride and let other people help you, if they offer to.

57 of 101 Tips for Life

Read poetry. You’ll learn to see the beauty in the simplest of things.

58 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t take yourself too lightly either. Maintain a balance of self-deprecating humour, and self-accepting pride.

59 of 101 Tips for Life

Put on a crazy-ass song, dance like it’s your last day. Feel yourself getting high on the dance and the music.

60 of 101 Tips for a happy Life

Put on karaoke and sing on top of your voice. Sing out loud.

61 of 101 Tips for Life

Cry. Cry out loud. Get it all out.

62 of 101 Tips for Life

Laugh. No reason to Laugh… Still Laugh out loud. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh as long as you want to.

63 of 101 Tips for Life

Cook for yourself twice a month. Whatever you want, pull a recipe, plan beforehand, get the required groceries on the day prior, make them ready, get up early, start cooking. (A nice jazz or classical background music would top it all!)

64 of 101 Tips for Life

Stay away from ‘Normal’.

65 of 101 Tips for Life

Delete the assholes from your life – even if it is someone in family.

66 of 101 Tips for Life

Drink a shot of red-wine after dinner (50ml).

67 of 101 Tips for Life

Call your parents at least once a week.

68 of 101 Tips for Life

Visit them at least once a month.

69 of 101 Tips for Life

Stay unplugged and disconnected from the society for atleast 1 week every 6 months (while 1 week every 2 months would be awesome). How? Probably go camping without any technology or gadgets with you. Eat, sleep, make out, make love, read stories, read books (not kindle, actual books!), tell stories, make up stories, talk about the universe, talk about time-travel, talk about aliens, talk about sex, talk about interstellar, talk about anything, cuddle up, make out again, sleep, wake up again, watch the stars, make a wish on a falling star, do something impulsive, explore each other, or just explore your inner-self (if you’re alone).

70 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t be a doormat.

71 of 101 Tips for Life

Observe more than you expose.

72 of 101 Tips for Life

Give to yourself before you give to others (mainly love).

73 of 101 Tips for Life

When you give to others, give unconditionally.

74 of 101 Tips for Life

Don’t lend money, especially to friends. If you’re gonna give money to friends, consider it as a gift you give to your friend. Otherwise, you’ll lose your friend more often than not.

75 of 101 Tips for Life

Speak good things about anyone you speak of. Filter out the bad things.

76 of 101 Tips for a happy Life

Take only the good things when others talk about someone else. Filter out the bad things.

77 of 101 Tips for Life

Stop hanging out around the “complainers” – those who always have something to complain about.

78 of 101 Tips for Life

Stop posting statuses indirectly for someone on whatsapp or facebook. If you have the guts, tell them directly. Otherwise, do away with it. Don’t be stupid.

79 of 101 Tips for Life

Stop discussing your problems. Most people are glad you have them. The rest just don’t care. There’s no point. Either deal with it, or just stop worrying.

80 of 101 Tips for Life

Cry as much as you want. But make sure that’s the last time you cry for whatever you’re crying for.

81 of 101 Tips for Life

Laugh as much as you want. But make sure that’s not the last time you laugh about what you’re laughing about.

82 of 101 Tips for Life

Once a week, don’t look at the clock for an entire day. Just do what you love or what you want to do.

83 of 101 Tips for Life

Leave the country if you’re not happy here.

84 of 101 Tips for Life

Stop watching porn. Start going out – if you’re single. Explore tantra – if you’re in a relationship.

85 of 101 Tips for Life

Let your children play. Let your kids be kids. Give them a vast canvas for them to paint in – both literally, and metaphorically.

86 of 101 Tips for Life

Listen to a different genre of music every month. Open your mind to different genres and force yourself to listen to them for one month or until you want to explore more. If you don’t like it even after one month, stop. If you love it after one month or even before that, explore more of that genre.

87 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Start journaling – your day’s life, and your night’s dreams. Keep a separate journal for writing about the dreams you get while asleep, write them as soon as you’re awake, as much as you can remember. Slowly you’ll develop lucidity, and you can even explore lucid dreams, astral projection, etc.

88 of 101 Tips for Life

Talk to people who aren’t like you – people with an opposite mindset, opposite lifestyle, etc. Learn what makes them tick.

89 of 101 Tips for a happy Life

Love him/her like he/she can be taken away from you any moment now.

90 of 101 Tips for Life

Treat him/her like he/she is gonna be with you until the end of your universe.

91 of 101 Tips for Life

Put 50% of your income away in savings before you spend on anything.

92 of 101 Tips for Life

Once a month, indulge in a DIY activity, a project of sorts, and involve everyone in your family – your kids, wife, yourself, parents, and anyone in your family who’s present at your home that day. Rejoice, eat well, dine fine, drink wine, sing karaoke, tell stories, at the end of the day, as the mark of celebrating the completion of the project.

93 of 101 funny tips for happy life

Go and play outside with your kids. If you’re a kid, just go and play outside.

94 of 101 Tips for Life

Soak in the sweat, enjoy the summer, dance in the rain, enjoy the shower, with a cup of tea and book by the windowsill, enjoy the winter!

95 of 101 Tips for Life

Be present in the moment. Don’t wish for something in the future now – you’ll wish for something else there in the future, when you have what you want for future now. So, start practicing relishing the moment, while working for what you want. You’ll always be happy.

96 of 101 Tips for Life

Be grateful for what you have. Most people don’t have what you have.

97 of 101 Tips for Life

Be grateful also for what you don’t have. Most people suffer by having what you don’t have – either directly or indirectly.

98 of 101 Tips for Life

Spend time not money on your kids.

99 of 101 Tips for Life

Spend time and money equally on your wife.

100 of 101 Tips for a happy Life

Always give your best in anything you do.

101 of 101 Tips for Life

Always do more than you intended to.

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How to earn money from YouTube videos

Different ways to earn money from Youtube

How to Earn Money from YouTube in Different Ways?

Earning is not the only thing that makes men or women happy but that is definitely one thing that is needed for everyone to get a comfortable life. Earning money though online has become one big trend now a days after the internet revolution. Internet has changed the meaning of earning money and it has given a new definition for all who is looking for easy ways to earn money. The biggest brand that we hear when it comes to how to earn money online is YouTube.

How to make money from your youtube channel?

We definitely do not need an introduction to know about this social media. It has become that popular as not just a video sharing App but also the money making App with different youtube monetization techniques. There are Different ways to Earn Money from YouTube channels.

How to make money from youtube subscribers?  Earning money from youtube depends on subscribers ?

How to earn money from youtube by uploading videos?

How to earn money from youtube ads? When do we need to apply for google adsense approval ?

How to earn money from youtube without adsense?

How many views to get money from youtube?

These are few questions most of the viewers who is starting their new Youtube channel will get.

So, this post will explain you How to Earn Money from your YouTube channel in Different Ways. Want to know the easy ways to earn money ? Follow me

Let’s get started to know how to make money from youtube fast and easy

Uploading videos in YouTube is very common thing that we see in Youtube App. Few will upload as hobby, few will upload to share their passion and few will take it as profession. Many of you know that you can earn money from YouTube with YouTube’s Partner program. But how many of you know that it’s not just Partner program to make money from youtube but there are different other ways to make money even without meeting YouTube’s monetization criteria.

What are the different ways to make money from YouTube?

How to Earn money with YouTube Advertisements:

Once you reach the two YouTube monetization criteria for approval which is 4000 watch hours plus 1000 subscribers, your videos will get the eligibility to display ads on your videos. Once your channel is approved after you sent it for review, YouTube will take care of the rest of the things and you will start getting money. A share of the revenue on ads you display on your website will be given to you by YouTube. To know how to be successful in youtube check this one. Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber(Opens in a new browser tab)

How do you earn money from youtube Views :

Once your channel is monetized and it is getting views… if any particular video has become popular, it will start coming on top of the search result. YouTube algorithm will keep the most viewed and most searched and most commented videos in Top 5 list. If any of your video meets this criteria and it maintains, then you would be paid on the basis of views too along with Ads. After reaching that top level over 1 million views for your video, from next for every 1000 views you will get 3 dollars (It varies little with view location). Multiply this number and you can calculate your earnings based on that.

How to Earn money with affiliate Marketing from YouTube channel :

There is no urban area that is not aware of Amazon these days. Amazon has reached even the rural areas too. Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing earning source for many bloggers and vloggers. How to earn money through affiliate marketing from Amazon? You don’t believe how simple it is. What ever products you use in your video, you can tell the viewers where and how you get the products by providing the affiliate link in your video description. It is not just Amazon but many online portals like Flipkart, eBay and many more are having this partnership program to sell their products through you. Amazon is the bigger one who uses it’s affiliate marketing program to market their products. You can sell the amazon’s products and you will get some commission for selling that.

How to do affiliate marketing with Amazon ? Below is the link that lead to amazon affiliate marketing. Create your Amazon associate account and start following the guidelines they give on how to do the affiliate marketing.


How to Earn money with Product Marketing in YouTube channel:

It is almost similar to affiliate marketing. But here the brand is you. The product based companies will directly contact you to show  their products when you are playing the video. It could be either by using the product or by explaining about the product. Based on your reputation or based on the leads they get through your video they will pay you.

How to get Sponsorship to YouTube channel :

It is also again based on the reputation your channel creates with your videos. Companies will sponsor you to make the videos. The sponsorship cloud be the material you use in your video or the place or the video making costs. In return they will ask you to display their brand in your video, which is a win win situation. Why do they sponsor you? Because creating an ad with an agency will cost them very big. Instead… by sponsoring you minimum, they will get full exposure to all your present and future subscribers.

Things to keep in mind if you lose your JOB Suddenly

How to Earn money with Endorsement through YouTube  channel:

“Use this and then Trust” 🙂 . This is what many product based companies and many consumer good companies tries to tell to the public through different modes of publicity stunts. This could be an advertisement in Televisions in the middle of an interesting program or sample packets to home along with your news paper or at the entrance of super market… a sales men with free samples. These might turn out to sales sometime and sometimes not. Because users will not trust it until they use it. This motivation to try some new thing will not come so easily to any customer who doesn’t know the brand.

But… You… As a YouTuber already created your brand. This is enough for the brands to ask your endorsement for their products. So, i guess i don’t need to explain what happens next 🙂 . Whatever you use and give your review… People trust your review. This is not only products but… Co-youtuber support through endorsement.

Publicity Encashment with your Brand and Face value :

Have you ever observed that in popular youtube channels… in the middle of video they speak about few products and when go to market to purchase that you will see the face of those youtubers. Example is Ryan’s toys review. This is a very popular kids youtube channel.  This is because Brands observed and they are using the face of that kid to sell their toys. So, obviously people whoever watch this kids channel… they will get attracted to those toys. This is similar to beauty products, electronics, consumer goods and many more.

So, you got it better now right ?

When you have that talent to show something to public and you have that confidence that you can make the viewer stick to your video more than 50 percent of your video… then no one can stop your success. So, why late… Go for it and think what you can

All the best 🙂

Things you Should NOT do if you want to be a Successful YouTuber(Opens in a new browser tab)


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What are the Must have plugins for a WordPress website

Important Plugins for WordPress

Important Plugins to have for any WordPress Website – Plugins for wordpress website optimization

New to website building? What are the Must have plugins for a WordPress website ? What are the must have plugins for wordpress website optimization? I know how it would be without knowing ABC of web designing and trying to build your own website. I am the live example of it who doesn’t have any skills of technology and coding, except writing what I think and what I know.

Well there are many things to speak when you are planning to start a website. Be it to promote your business or to earn money through online.

Its not that easy to start owning and maintaining a website without doing proper background study of what are all needed to have for a website to run and to make the page user friendly.

So, I will help you with Important plugins to install for WordPress platform for a speed and smooth user experience. Keeping that aside, security is another important thing that you should keep an eye always around your website.

Here are the top 10 important plugins for any website running on WordPress platform


1. Wordfence Security:  Required plugin for WordPress Website security

WordPress is a platform that invites many people to create their own platform with limited resources. That kind of feasibility also invites the people who makes business with hacking. Just like the system firewall security, your website needs a firewall security gateway.

               Wordfence Security is the best security plugin to detect any malicious threats, any unauthorized logins and any corrupted files on your WordPress website. It will scan periodically to all the files installed on your website. The most dangerous way that hackers use to bypass to your website without your authorization is through outdated software or plugins you install on your website. Sometime we tend to forget or overlook the dashboard for notifications to update the software. Wordfence Security helps us to remind that through an email to update it. Wordfence Security plugin works like a  CC security camera that monitors every movement in and around our website. Sometimes it takes the charge of deactivating a plugin that is causing a threat or impacting your website. So, this is a must keep plugin for any WordPress website.

2.  Yoast SEO: Required plugin for WordPress Website content optimization

In our language, For any celebrity to come to limelight they either need to put lot of efforts and wait for years to stand up or they should have parental popularity. Most of them will have content. But without doing either of these… they can’t get the celebrity status. So, lets convert and apply that to your website. Your website has so much content to make the user sit and read, so many points to help the user in their daily routine. But how will that content reach to the targeted audience?

                                   Page ranking is the most important criteria for any website’s success. For getting a good rank to your page and to standout from thousands of websites who create similar content, you need to optimize the content in such a way that it should be prefect in every aspect.

What does that mean… “Every aspect” ?

I am coming to that.  It is all your raw content that has slipped out of your brain and fallen on to the page. But to make it SEO friendly , it should have all the below qualities

1. Proper meta description

2. Keywords describing the content

3. Synonyms of the content to understand what the user is searching for 

4. The URL length and words used in URL.

5. Usage of transition words

6. Length of the content.

7. Grammatical review of the content and many more.

How to do all these ? Don’t worry… That’s what Yoast SEO does.  If you are a newbie and stated your own website, But not sure how and what to do to optimize and present your content to viewers… then Yoast SEO is for you.

How to make the user Stick to your WEBSITE

3. Redirect : Required plugin for WordPress Website URL Redirection

The name redirect itself telling, this plugin is for redirecting. With my personal experience I saw that Redirect is a Required plugin for WordPress Website URL Redirection. We think just like that while naming the title when creating a page and slowly when we start moving forward, sometimes at one point we feel like changing the name. That may happen even after publishing that page. I am sure you know we can decide how our page URL should look like. If it is with numbering, then that will not show any issue how many times you change the title of your page.

                                    The best practice to keep the URL for a web page is to name it with post title. So, when you change the title, the URL will also change. If there is any user who already visited this page before you rename it and wanted to come back and check the page, that same page won’t be there. As you know it has changed the address when you renamed the title of your page. For user it will display as “404 error page not found”. User feels unhappy and may not like to come back again to your website. These frequent 404 page not found errors will also impact your google metrics and indirectly to your website ranking.

You don’t want all these, do you ? So, This is where this plugin is needed. It will create an auto directory for whatever and how many time you change the page, it will direct the old page to your current renamed page. User is Happy… and So we are 

4. Google Analytics: Required plugin for tracking WordPress website Analytics

Reviewing your website’s performance is an important thing that you should not ignore to track. We have WordPress statistics too for metrics. But, WordPress statistics will club the data from bots and also your site analytical runs too. Where as google tracks the exact metrics what is needed to analyze the performance of a website. It usually asks for the authentication of your google account with which you linked your website. Just install the plugin, activate and authorize it from your google account.

   5. Redirect 404 page to homepage Plugin:

I have already told you about REDIRECT plugin and told few things about “404 page not found errors”. Now, what and why is this again?

I have many good reasons to tell why we need Redirect 404 page to homepage Plugin. We get many website issue when our website started growing bigger and bigger. One of the main issue is with hacking. Why do anyone need to hack my website when I do not deal with any money related application or I am nowhere related to any transactions. 

                     Purpose of hacker when attacking a website is not just for money or data. They will try to get benefited with any of the available sources through your website. So, one of those things is Hacking through URL Injection. Hackers will use your domain name and publish their pages hidden under your website which you may not be able to find as an admin of your site. That can be resolved through website cleaning of your website with different methods. Once the cleanup is done, your website is safe again. But the URLs already created under your domain name will be available in web though there is no content. Whenever such case happens user will get 404 page not found error.

Redirect plugin mentioned above can only help you to direct the effected URL after you found it. But how do you know how many of such pages exists? That’s where this plugin fits the purpose.  Redirect 404 page to homepage Plugin will redirect all the 404 page not found errors to your home page without generating that error message. So, you will not lose any user now.

    6. AMP : To make your page user friendly

Accelerated Mobile Page, not a new term for website content creators. This is especially made to make the pages mobile friendly. AMP plugin has become like a mandatory plugin to confirm your website as mobile optimized and Mobile friendly. When installed this plugin, pages will be optimized as per the users need and it will not show much of distracting content to users in the form of Ads. It will show limited ads which is not that beneficial to content creator. But this feature will give you a push up to your page ranking.

How to Make the user CLICK on Ads ?

    7. Autoptimize: To make your website lighter and faster

This is another common plugin for any WordPress platform to keep the site optimized. Name of this plugin speaks what it does to your website. Autoptimize will takes care of the optimization of Images, content design, font style and any compressions required to your content. Smush is another famous plugin with same purpose. But Autoptimize is a light weight plugin that serves the purpose.

    8. Email subscribers & Newsletters: To get more visitors

When you are watching any YouTube video you will get a symbol to subscribe to that channel. When you subscribe, you will receive the updates of all new videos of that channel which you might already knew. This plugin is similar to that. Whatever is your content niche… if people like your content, they would love to comeback to your website and watch the content. Not everyone remembers or bookmark your website to visit again though they wish to. So, you are doing the job of reminding them to come back to read the post on your website you published newly.

How to install the blogger template for free?


How? Just install this plugin. Do the settings as it says while activating the plugin and add the code to your pages. This code will be visible to users as an option to subscribe to your website with their email id. If anyone subscribes, then it will keep the email in memory. Whenever you post a new page, this plugin will send an email to user reminding that your website has a new post. Job Done now 

    9. Social Media Share: To shout out louder to the World

Writing and presenting a page with good content is one part of the Job and taking that content to public is another job to achieve success to your website. Social media takes part in that. Sharing your post to social media will increase your website visitors. When your content is effective and readers want to share it with their members, friends or anyone… they should have that share button handy when reading the post. Social media share plugin has so many share options to different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Youtube and Watsapp. So you got it now, right?

    10. Social Locker: To hide your content when the user want to explore you more

This is one plugin that you may not come across in many website pages. If your content is about some interesting thing and users can’t skip without reading, you should use that opportunity to make them as your subscribers. Social locker is one plugin that locks the page after user started reading to certain extent. At the defined point, Social locker will hide the information. To open that, it will ask the user to subscribe if they want to read further. This helps in gaining more subscribers to your website. That increases a lot of traffic for your future posts if you have more subscribers.

So, that’s all friends… Hope this post with useful plugin information for WordPress website helps you and makes your life easy with website maintenance. 

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How to make Eco friendly Ganesha at Home with Wheat Flour

How to make Eco friendly Ganesha at Home with Wheat Flour

To know How to make eco friendly Ganesha at home this is the best place for you
If you want to watch it and learn go to the below link and check out the Video of eco friendly Ganapathi making

This is the best activity for during this festival

If you want to know the step by step of how to make your own Ganapathi at home then follow me here

  1. Take 3 cups of wheat flour and 3/4th cup of Corn starch in to a mixing bowl. Corn starch will give strength to the mould to stay strong
  2. Add water to mix it thoroughly and make a soft and little harder doh than the doh that we make for roti.
  3. Start splitting the portions required for head, tummy, hands, legs and the Hat or crown.
  4. Start making it with tummy. To make the rest perfectly you should definitely watch the video ☺️

So here is the final wheat flour Ganesha for you

Reviews about Bio-Oil


Bio-Oil Reviews

Bio- Oil is Meant for:

Bio-Oil is mainly used for

  1. Scars
  2. Stretch marks
  3. Uneven skin tone
  4. Ageing Skin
  5. Dehydrated Skin

Description of Bio-oil:

The name itself is telling it as oil. Well… To tell about how it looks is… It is Semi sticky and silky oils with light ting of transparent orange color packed in a transparent bottle.

How to use Bio-Oil ?

Usage of Bio-oil is pretty easy and, as the smell of this oil is very pleasant… it will not leave any awful feeling after using it. Coming to the direction of usage, take 2 to 3 drops of bio-oil on your palm (More drops are required if the effected area is wider or bigger). Apply it smoothly in circular direction on the effected area. Rub it until it gets deep in to the skin and you don’t see any oil residue on your palm and fingers.


Pros and Cons of Bio-Oil :

Every product has its Pros and Cons. Same with Bio-Oil too.


  1. Works best for stretch marks and uneven skin tone.
  2. Helps for pregnancy stretch marks to fade away with in minimal time.
  3. Best remedy to cure chickenpox marks on face and body
  4. It can be applied during pregnancy too, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.
  5. Burns and scars will be faded away even though you apply it after quite long time.


  1. Little bit expensive but with its Pros you can consider that as reasonable.
  2. As mentioned in their website, this bio-oil helps to fade the scars and marks on the skin but can not remove them completely. But this is considerable as there is no medicine or remedy that can get back the original healthy skin state with out any surgeries.
  3. Widely available online but a little supply to stores (Not a big problem as most of us are going for online these days)

Overall Review about Bio-Oil :

This is a good remedy for people who is looking for a perfect solution to fade out their odd looking scars on their face and all other visible places. This is one of the top best 10 remedies to cure scars and stretch marks at reasonable price. So, it is available to everyone who wants to get back to shape with their skin blemishes from long time at affordable price.


Possible Questions to Users:
  1. Can i use this oil on my wet wound?

     A)  A strict NO. Because, this is to repair the skin that looks damaged with scars and marks. But not to cure the infection. If you apply it on wet wound, this will invite more infection to the effected area and you yourself inviting the infection to damaged area. So, wait until the wound gets healed and then start applying  twice a day (Morning after bath and evening before going to sleep )

       2. Can this be used for children for their scars?

  A) This is completely made of plant extracts and not harmful to children too. But before continuing to apply Bio-oil for kids do a patch test at the backside of ear load to get confirmation about possible irritation.


Please feel free to write any questions or queries below for more information.