How to start a conversation with a GIRL – 4 simple steps to Workout

how to start a conversation with a girl

Oh… Boy ?. I Know what is running in your mind right at this moment. Maybe you’ve been eyeing that gorgeous girl at the office. Or perhaps you’re out on the town and spot a beautiful girl across a crowded room. I just say this to every guy “Don’t think too much to start a conversation. Be direct while expressing yourself. A normal “Hi” works good enough. Do it before it’s too late. Remember “Tick, Tick, Tick”- that’s the sound of your life”. It was shared by some sweet guy who learnt this from a failure of doing this ?.

Okay… coming to the point now… How to start a conversation with a girl?

By following the tips from here, you will be able to know how to start a conversation with a girl in any situation.

If I am not wrong… you must be reading this to deal with someone really special and someone who you really don’t want to lose with your stupid or wrong timing conversations. If so, then try to know her little… before jumping on for a conversation.

Try to Know if she is single or already seeing someone. of course, you have to find this in your own way, I’m sure you must be having a plan for this.

I wish you find the Answer as single which makes you happy to read further. Now, know how to start talking to a girl with these simple tips to impress her.


  1. Be confident while saying your 1st word with her:


Be confident and be yourself. Now, how to start a conversation with her ? She must be your childhood crush. Or a girl you like from a long time. They should like the way you’re and that’s how you can be like normal with her any time as that’s what you are. If you act too much now, you need to act for life time ?. Again… Don’t be too rude or rough in the very 1st conversation. Start it with a simple HI and tell your name. Ask her name if she feels comfortable looking at you or facing you. That way you can make eye contact and get what you expect from her. A HI back to your simple wish. Control yourself with that reply. You need to wait for some more time to extend this HI to the next level.


  1. Don’t rush in expressing yourself:

Don’t rush and pour out what you feel for her. Try to make a good relationship with her. Be a friend. If you both know each other already but don’t talk much, then try talking about common things that you both know and you both go through every day. You can understand her face feelings and expressions if she is interested or not in those conversations. You might not be aware of what you’re talking about and where that conversation is going. Because… you’re there with an intention in your mind which doesn’t let you feel bored of what you’re talking. But not for her. So, put a pause and change the topic.


  1. Try to read how she is reacting:

After 3 to 4 talks you will get to know how she is reacting and treating you. She likes talking to you or she wants to move away from you. Anything can happen. All depends on you. If you’re a shy guy and can’t keep the momentum of talking and go with the flow, at least try. Do some homework like this on conversation questions and good conversation topics girls like. Prepare yourself on what to talk and how to end if something goes wrong. Once she is tuned to you, you don’t need to worry much to continue the flow. Girls are good listeners only when you’re praising them. All other times, they are good speakers ?. Obviously, afterwards you would love to listen to her if you really like her. You should know her heart by then.


  1. Not just words… It’s you… Always you.

Remember one thing. No matter what happens and how she reacts for you HI… Don’t worry at all. If it works out… well and good. If not, the world is not small. You will find your right reply… at the right time… at the right place… with the right GIRL. So, be you and wait for the one who fits your HI. After all, … Just one life. Make the best out of it 🙂



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If life is a Fruit which Fruit would you be?

Compare life with fruit

Which fruit your character falls under ?

Human life is full of ups and downs. we change our mind and behavior according to our situation and moods. So, i would like to describe our life different fruits.

Be a Bunch of Grapes :

Be a Bunch of Grapes when you’re Happy- Divide the happiness in to small pieces and share it to as many people as possible. It will come back in the same form when you need that happiness.

Behave like a pineapple :

Behave like a pineapple when you are being with tough people and doing tough tasks. You don’t need to show your sweetness to the people who don’t need that and who don’t deserve it. So, let them face your tough and hard look. Only people who care for you and know you will definitely know the inner sweetens of you

Be like a watermelon :

Be like a watermelon when you dealing with family. Whether it is middle class, lower or upper class… Head of the family can’t express every problem and have limitations of showing only few things to the world when you are the forward face of the family. Though you have only water in you, behave like you are bulk and can accommodate and show the love as much as possible with your generosity. Family needs that.

Be like a Kiwi :

Be like a KIWI Fruit with your Romantic Loved one 🙂 – Little tough and prickly outside… Tangy and tasty inside with unexpected taste that lasts for little long time after eating it.


Tell me your FAVORITE Color, I will tell about YOU 🙂

Be like an Avocado :

Be Like an Avocado And don’t be like a Mango when you are successful… Avocado has much in it… Tasty.. healthy… nutritious yet looks very simple in texture and color and smell. Mango is colorful, attractive and pleasant smell from outside. But you never know, it is sweet or sour.

There are many characters to tell… But i put a full stop over here 🙂 Because i feel i am being like a JACK FRUIT… Very sticky and very prickly 🙂 Not leaving you easily 😉

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Why do Most Men Fail to Understand Women?

how to understand a woman mind. Book on how to understand a women

Why do Men will never understand about Women?

First of all, there are plenty of men who do understand how women feel. How to understand Women ? There are certainly men who act as if (and perhaps believe) female psychology is an impenetrable mystery and just ignore to understand that mystery. If a man wants to understand what women feel, the first thing he can do is learn a tiny bit about human psychology. When he does, he’ll discover that all humans (male and female) have similar core psychologies. There are differences between male and female brains, but they’re way more alike than they’re different. Just like men, women feel joy, sadness, lust, jealously, fear, disgust, pain, loneliness, and so on. So, to answer the question Why do some men never understand what women feel? Why do Most Men Fail to Understand Women?

Not all women share what they think or how they feel. How to understand a woman mind in that case? We can’t expect men to read minds. Even some women don’t understand men. Not everyone understands himself/herself. It is difficult to understand someone who doesn’t understand himself/herself. Some men do understand women.

Most of the behavior differences between men and women are due to socialization. Women are raised differently than men, with different experiences and different expectations placed on them. It varies depending on the place they grew up, but that definitely will have impact.

A man who isn’t scared every time he’s walking alone at night won’t have experienced something most women experience regularly. Men also aren’t socialized to expect a magical wedding day or given license to cry in public. They’ll never experience having menstrual cramps, being examined by a gynecologist, giving birth, or breastfeeding.

All these things are because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? I don’t know… But Men think that she should look after him and women think men should look after her feelings no matter how hidden they are inside her. Men’s vision covers the superficial things and women sees everything in deeper.

Why a WOMAN is always Special than a MAN?

Do you know there is a book on how to understand a woman? Yes there is a book to know how to understand a woman’s mind. But you know what… that funny things is that book completely empty. If you don’t trust me you can see that here : Book on How to understand a women

Ha ha… Funny right ? Okay… On a funny note, instead of searching for how to understand her start learning how to follow her. 

So, finally Men wants to hear and understand. Women do not want to speak and expect the other to understand with the expressions and feelings. But poor men… Most of the time they throw the stone on a wrong pot and the women start shooting at point blank ?. That’s where this statement “Men will never understand what women Feels”

Top 10 Best Ways to Win a Man’s Heart


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How to Deal with People who Ignore you?

how to deal with people who ignore you -how to face ignorance

How to face Ignorance ?

It is not a female or male problem. It is a problem for every individual. Someone ignoring you or insulting you is not an endorsement or a certificate of confirmation of your capability or your personality. What to do when someone Is ignoring you? Just because someone told it, it is not your definition or it is not what you are. It is merely a personal behavior of someone showing his own inner issues on others. It shows that a person has issues to deal with himself and lacks self respect and values. This is a reflection of that person and not about you at all. So, How to face Ignorance? How to deal with people who ignore you?

Whose problem is this ?

Do you know the fact… People who have the habit of ignoring other people just because they think that they are great… are actually sick people suffering with some kind of mental illness. In one word… MENTAL PEOPLE.

How do you treat mental people for Mental illness? If you ask me this question, I would say “I feel pity about them 1st… for their situation. If that is a more severe condition like how they made you feel… then i move little far and keep maintaining the distance. If not they may get hyper and bark too…

People who behave ignorant will not understand the feeling of being ignored by somebody without any reason. If you surrender to that and start thinking about it… you are the one who is encouraging them to make them feel great. Value of a person can be known only by the people who value the VALUES.

How to motivate yourself when you lose confidence

how to deal with people who ignore you and don’t value you ? Ignorant doesn’t understand those things. So, never bother about people who don’t care about you. World is not small. There are still more hands to give you shake hand… still more hearts to HUG you Tight… Still more and more Lips to share the smiles and talks with you.

Ignore the one who ignores you. Life is not for thinking about stupid people who can easily hurt other’s feelings. Life is for you… Me… and for those who share the happiness in the world. So, go on with your life… and be happy always. If you still feel ignored by that stupid mindless people… I am here for you 🙂

Please feel free to comment below to make yourself free of this feeling of ignorance 🙂

Smiley note 🙂

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Online Shopping Tricks that will surprisingly save your Money

online shopping tricks and hacks

Online Shopping Tricks that you might not know

ONLINE SHOPPING. A big time pass for some, Hobby for some and a research for some. But whatever be the reason, you need  to pay the money to buy something. Most of you, including me 🙂 looks for discounts and better price without compromising the quality. We can make our soul happy if we follow simple online shopping tricks. So, for all of us here is the best list of tricks for online shopping to save your money.

Open your Online shopping window in Incognito mode:

Let me tell you a story why you need to open the online shopping window in incognito mode. I was looking for a Perfume. I started searching for it in one online shopping portal. When I saw it, the price was showing as 1000 per 1 quantity. Our obvious shopping mind will think of some coupons or discounts while moving from cart and I did the same thing searching for a better price in different portals. But I couldn’t find the exact brand on any other website. So, I moved back and started my payment thing. But to my surprise it has started showing me 1300 bucks. Then my upset mind told me to wait for some more time to see the price may come down. It started showing me more than that whenever I visited it again and again.

One day I was doing something and accidentally i  opened the same online shopping portal in incognito mode which was kept open in my phone for something else. The price was 1000 bucks. And then I got the logic after a small technical research.

What is the Best way to save your Money in Global Pandemic Situation? Keeping the liquid amount or Investing in any assets?


The reason behind it is Recommender System.

Every shopping website has recommender system, which captures your online activities like products you are looking for, products you like and products you save in your cart etc. It sends cookies to your browser. Because of those cookies, You’ll see the products & their prices that are shown by Recommender system of the site. So be careful while shopping online. Always open shopping sites in incognito mode or in a private window. It’ll prevent you from getting captured from Recommender System. This is sometimes not possible if you work with some extensions to get discounts. I will explain what that extension in later parts. But clearing cache and cleaning your phone website history, especially the cookies… will help you to get rid of this recommender system, a spy that online shop keepers put for you.

To open incognito mode,

For Chrome users

Cntrl + shift + N -> to open in incognito mode

For Mozilla users

Cntrl + shift + P-> to open in incognito mode


2. Add Keepa – Amazon Price Tracker Extension :

This is a chrome extension that keeps an eye on prize changes in Amazon. This extension keeps a track of the prices and offers of all products on Amazon for the last 246 days and present it in a neat graphical manner. You can set alerts and they will send you email notifications when the price of a certain item drops below your desired price. Its very handy and easy to use. With the email notification, if you see the current price of the product is lower than its average price and you can easily be sure that you are not paying a very high price. Interesting an helpful right. Try it.


3. Keep the for some time:

Have you ever observed that you keep on getting reminder emails for items in your cart with discount coupons and codes. Yes, this will happen to please you to buy the products. You didn’t search much and kept something in your cart which you though to buy later. Then the Recommended System that I explained above will start showing this and recommendation emails will remind you from their end. So, next time do this trick. Whatever you though to buy something, do some analysis and put that in your cart. just leave it for sometime. See the emails that comes from that online portal. Pick the right one and apply for discount.

4. Ask the customer care people for additional discounts:

Do you know the fact that you can order the products by calling the customer care of the same online portal ? If you have enough time to call and speak with customer care guys and if you’re fine with wasting little time in talks and discussions then go ahead and ask them to place the order for you and check for the available coupons for this order. Bargain a little to get good offers. If you don’t have that patience to call and do this bargain thing, do this for bigger price products. So, that is worth wasting little time which saves some good amount of Money.


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Things you Should NOT do if you want to be a Successful YouTuber

common mistakes of Youtubers

What NOT to Do if you want to become a successful Youtuber ?

What to do to become a successful youtuber is what everyone looks for and what everyone tries for. But you know… To speak about it practically, Running fast is important to win but, at the same time running in right direction is also important to reach the winning destination. So, if you know what not to do in youtube career, you will be directed to a right path and you will reach your destination in short time. What are the Common mistakes of Youtubers

Okay, now i am writing this after seeing many failures with different things and wanted to help the upcoming youtubers to avoid these kind of mistakes to emerge with decent subscribers and views. Let’s not waste time with this introduction.

Top things you should not do, if you want a bright youtube career :

1. Don’t do Sub to Sub:

People do this to increase the subscribers count. But trust me, this will give zero result in long term. The strategy behind keeping 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hrs is not that simple. This rule was placed with lot of research. Just think practically. A person who asked you to subscribe, will look for the same thing from everyone he or she approaches. Intention behind that is only to gain the subscribers. They will never watch your videos. So, no watch time with those subscribers. Youtube will not consider the views if that view is less than 30 Sec. So, if someone who subscribed like this will not look for your content how superb it could be. You can’t cheat youtube algorithm. It will remove the views from bad subscribers, who didn’t see any of your videos but still subscribed you.

2. Don’t Copy anyone’s content without their consent:

This is a most common Youtubers mistakes. I am sure you might have gone through much research in this topic. So, not explaining much. But this applies to both images and music. Youtube will only give you 3 copyright strike chances. Better, get the things from copyright free sources. This page will help you for that. How to find non copyrighted photos in google – Copyright Free Images? For music, youtube is giving it for free. So, you can use it from youtube Music library.

3. Don’t do too much or completely less:

What i meant here is, if you got time during this weekend and you made 3 youtube videos. Don’t just upload them all at a time. I can understand the excitement of having a completed video in hand and waiting for uploading it. Sill, control that excitement. Because, you’re not giving enough time to your audience and youtube Bots to search for your video.  If you upload more than one video at a time, the upload notification will go to the user at a time. This will make the user ignore or neglect the 1st posted video. So, the views of one video is gone case. So, stop and wait at least 1 day if you can’t wait more than that.

Top 10 Best Social Media to connect with people Quickly(Opens in a new browser tab)

And same time, don’t give a long pause to video posting. Users may tend to forget your channel. Try uploading at least 1 video per month. 1 month is the maximum gap that you can give to user. Try to be regular in uploading. If you do not have anything to upload, just tell the audience, the reason behind your delay in a small personal video and share it in community (This is for people who crossed 100 Subscribers) For below 1000 subscribers, they can just post it like any other video. This will create an impression that, you care the people who follow you.

4. Don’t put the Same keywords and description to more than one Video:

You might be having  two similar video that presents almost same content. One has thousands of views and the other one is just in Hundreds.

This will tempt us to change the keywords and description similar to video that is successful. But never do that. Change it with long tail keyword changes. Exact keywords and description and the same order of keeping those terms will show the youtube as repetitious content. Then you need to pay the penalty for it. Youtube will ask you to remove those videos or it may be more than that.

So, Folks these are the Common mistakes of Youtubers and these are the main things i wanted to convey to my co-youtubers who are struggling to come out of that initial phase. I will keep on adding the things here whenever i come across them. If you want to know the updates please join me with below subscription and then you will get a notification whenever i update.

If your next question is, how to be a successful youtuber ? Then I have an answer for that too 🙂

Here you go

Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber


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Different ways to Earn Money from YouTube – Easy Money(Opens in a new browser tab)


Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber

successful youtube channel tips

How to be a successful YouTuber ?

There are many ways to earn money online these days. YouTube is one such good place to earn money online. Knowing this secret, many youTube channels have emerged recently.  Few of them have Stood up as very successful youtube channels already. That is only 5 to 10 percent of those youtube content creators. Most of the people who started their youtube channels with the aspiration of taking that as their career, slowly loosing hope once they realize that, they are not able to see the improvement in views and watch time. This is a common problem for all upcoming youtubers. What are the Top Secrets of every successful YouTuber ? Youtubers who has that patience to overcome this kind of situation and constantly doing something by applying some strategies will join that 5 to 10 percent of successful youtubers. So, never loose hope.
How to get success in youtube channel ?  Are there any successful youtube channel tips ? How to be a successful youtuber ? What are the top Secrets of every successful YouTuber ? These are the questions that comes to every youtuber’s mind when they are falling down.
Here is the list of successful youtube channel tips and secrets from almost all YouTubers who are enjoying the top youtubers status. Keywords optimization is obviously the main reason for any video to become viral and to get many views. So, I am not going to explain the keyword optimization here. Rather I would explain the real secrets of successful YouTubers. I’m sure at least one of these points will definitely help you in your YouTube career.

Secrets for successful career in YouTube:

Make your content clear for successful youtube channel :

First and foremost point you need to add to your checklist is your content is to make your content clear. When the user is in need of apples and you’re giving grapes, they definitely don’t like them and move away to different shops. So, always focus on what you are always presenting. Don’t divert from your topic unless you have selected to present any random topics in your channel. Select the most successful youtube channel topics and pick one with less competition.

Don’t miss the regularity of Publishing your Videos in YouTube :

Maintain the regular cycle that you always follow, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. Don’t go beyond that, else the audience will forget you and your channel.

Reply to each and every comment of your YouTube video:

Replying to every message will not only improve the interaction with users. This will increase your video ranking and that keeps your video in the top search list.

Do the regular live sessions with your YouTube audience:

Live sessions will give a good chance to know what your audience is expecting from you. Another secret behind the Live streaming sessions is, it will drastically increase your channel’s watch time.

Give them the Genuine Review:

Whatever the opinion you’re sharing or the review you’re doing for any product, do it sincerely like you are doing it for yourself. This will create a trust factor to your audience. So, whenever they want to try something new, their first choice for getting the review is you.

Patience in Handling your Audience:

Patience is the most required thing any youtuber is needed. From starting your channel to getting your channel in top youtuber’s list, everything happens with time and patience. You need to answer every comment with patience. Sometimes it looks very silly to answer a few, but still answering those things will show your dedication and patience.

Subscribe to the similar youtubers :

If you’re a youtuber with less number of subscribers and your videos are not at all getting views, this trick will definitely work for you. Search for the similar youtubers who are presenting similar content like you. When you subscribe to them, whenever someone watches their videos, the youtube algorithm will show your videos in recommendations.
So, when you subscribe to such youtubers all of them will help to improve your views.

Comment on Other’s Videos:

This doesn’t need any explanation. When you write a comment genuinely, people will tend to look back to the commentator and if that works, that will help you to gain the users.

Attract the users at least one time:

You don’t need subscribers always to get views. Once a user gets your video with a youtube search and he watches it one time, youtube will start showing your other videos in their recommendations from next time. So, automatically all your next videos will get views. So, put all your handwork in making one video viral. Everything else will be done automatically with that single video.

Perfect Thumbnail Making :

It is a common thing that every youtuber needs to work on. A very good thumbnail will attract the user to click on your video. your thumbnail should explain what you’re trying to present and it should have that spark to create an interest to users to click your video.

Find the keywords from already successful video:

Before publishing any of your video, check the youtube for similar content. Collect the title and description terms from those videos. Some Apps like Tubebuddy will help you to show the Tags also. Now try to apply same or near to the same keywords. I can’t guarantee you that your video will sit on top of the search results. But definitely it will rank better than your usual videos. You will see a visible difference once you start following this.

So, that’s it folks. Hope these points will help you at least 30 to 40 percent to improve your videos visibility and views.
For building a successful youtube channel Never let go of any single chance to make yourself successful in YouTube career.
All these points are shared with my experience and experience shared one of the upcoming youtubers. Thank you Srija from Honest Women Ideas for contributing your thoughts.Thank you Srija from Honest Women Ideas for contributing your thoughts.
Please drop your comment if you need any help or any doubts related to youtube. also, please check the related posts that helps to improve your views and monetization methods.
Thanks for reading.

So, guys… Hope this is helpful for most of us. Share it if you like it.

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How to translate a web page in Phone to any language?

How to translate a web page in phone to any language?

How do I see a web page in different languages?

Translating a web page is not required if you can read and understand it’s original language. This is to help others who doesn’t understand… Mostly the English pages, there is an option to convert the web page to local language. How to translate a web page in Phone to any language ? I wanted to share this because I, myself saw this requirement to translate for my parents. Most of us already know how to translate the web page directly. Still, writing again for all… who doesn’t know how to translate a web page on mobile and explaining it with screenshots. How to translate a web page to any language? how to translate a web page on mobile ?

Here is an example for How to translate a web page in Phone to any language with a web page.

I am showing it with below link.

Why Self-loving is Important?

When you click on it… It will lead to a page that displays in English like below. Click on the highlighted  3 dots as shown in the screenshot.

How to translate a web page to local language

It will show a list of options as shown below. Click on Translate as highlighted.

How to speak English Fluently and Confidently at any AGE(Opens in a new browser tab)

Once you click on Translate, it will display the languages at the bottom of the page as shown below

Here it is showing as English and English. 1st one indicates from language or the original language of the webpage. Now to change the language which you want to see click on the 3 dots highlighted in the above screenshot.

It will display different the options as shown  below.

Click on more languages to see different national and international language options. Here I am selecting the language as Hindi to see the web page in Hindi.

Once I selected, the page will turn to the language I selected. As I selected I can see the page in Hindi. You can see the result below.

So, guys… Hope this How to translate a web page in Phone to any language ? is helpful for most of us. Share it if you like it.

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How is Your Day today ???

Why Self-loving is Important ?

Why self-loving is important

How to love yourself ?

Love… The only word that doesn’t need any introduction to any generations. Love is nothing but a positive energy. Loving someone creates the same positive energy for them. Being in love with someone ( the actual love) will make you feel secured and happy. Why Self loving is Important? loving yourself will not only make you feel secured and happy but also gives you enough confidence to win this world confidence to win this world. How to love yourself ?

What makes LOVE lasts for LONG ?

How exactly do we love ourselves?

Okay… Does this has any definition for how to love yourself and what exactly we need to love in us?

This is simple. What makes you feel special about someone you’re in love with? There could be many reasons. Beauty… Behavior… Brain… Anything in that matter. There is no such parameter to consider somethings are lovable and somethings are not. We fall in love with what we like. But we tend to miss those things that are inside us, that other people would make out easily.

So… Find out what is positive in you and what makes you feel confident. Don’t say that I don’t have anything positive about me and you don’t have that confidence ?. We are Humans. We can survive in this world, only when we have both positives and negatives. Your character will be described based on the ratio of positives and negatives?.

10 Super secrets of Successful and Happy Married Life(Opens in a new browser tab)

How to feel confident ?

Find out your positives… What makes you unique among the group. Explore it… Identify it… And Love it. You don’t need to be beautiful and intelligent. You just need to feel yourself special in front of a mirror. Do it the way you love it. Live your way in your own style. Be you and be bold. Because… being you is beautiful ?. Say it loudly that ‘ I LOVE MYSELF’ No matter what happens.

If you don’t have any such feeling as of now… Start building it. Because, loving yourself will give you confidence and that will bring back your strength to build yourself when you’re down and depressed. Let’s start and keep loving yourself to make your life beautiful, Colorful and meaning full…???

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10 Signs to Prove that you are in Love