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How to win a Woman’s Heart

How to Impress a girl - What woman wants

How to Impress a girl ?

Win her heart 🙂 That is the only thing you need to do to impress a girl. One of the God’s Greatest creation on this earth is Woman. Man might have reached to end of the universe finding unknown things and unknown ways in our cosmology. But no one knows what is there in deep down of woman’s heart and their psychology. That’s way man who traveled to the moon is not great… but the man who knows his woman’s heart is greater than anyone. Then, How to win a Woman’s heart ??? If you know her heart, you don’t need to think about How to Impress a girl ? and What woman wants from a man ? You need to know how to make a girl feel good and know how to make her feel happy.

Here are the top 10 secrets to know HOW to win a woman’s heart and love.

1. Don’t Flirt:

When you are trying to win the love of your life… very 1st thing is never flirt her. Girls are good analysts and can understand your body language very easily. She thinks that you do the same kind of flirting with every girl which makes you lose her.

2. Make her feel special:

Always keep a smile on your face which is a natural makeup for every face. Try to get ready in the way she like and always maintain that, to tell her that she is a very special one for you and every meeting is a new meeting for you both.

3. Maintain Oral & Body Hygiene:

Always maintain a good oral and body hygiene. Girls never like to get close with people who doesn’t care about the Bad odor from mouth and body odor. Also, keep a healthy habit of keeping a handkerchief. It shows your dignity and discipline about life. Girls like funky guys. But funky should not be this way which will create a kind of discomfort when they are moving around you.

4. Talk Confidently:

Be confident in your talks. Though this is not a job interview, girls like people who speaks confidently. That confidence gives them some sort of trust in you and that creates a good and positive opinion in life with you.

5. Make her feel strong to win her HEART easily:

Girls have many likes and dislikes in their heart. So.. try to respect her feelings instead of hurting her. Create a good impression with your words that should make her feel.. you are there to support her in all her good and bad times. Boost up her energy when she is in worries.. ask her to share it if possible. Never ignore her when she is dull. Girls are not open books.. you have to do a google search to find what is there inside them 🙂

6. Pamper Her:

Girls melt for pampering hands. A caring hug  and a pampering touch at the back is what they always look for (Don’t go for it in your very 1st meet 🙂 ). If you’re meeting her at the end of the day… just ask her  “How was the day”. That is so great word to share the stress in them with someone. As i told, they never open up themselves. But if you ask… they become very relaxed.

7. Show your sense of Humor:

Women like sense of humor in men. They like people with simple and peaceful smile. So… be yourself. Don’t try to impress her with artificial appearance and flirting talks. Use your sense of humor at right time to make her smile and come out of her mood which will make her to turn on towards you.  And never play jokes on her. It hurts a lot. You can tease her in a romantic way when you both become a bit closer. That is perfectly fine 🙂

8. Surprise Her:

Girls like surprises very much and that creates so much excitement in life. She likes to get it for life long with you. So give her unexpected things in unexpected time 🙂 and see her joy and happiness. Try to give some flowers when you meet her. And speak her in a way you keep all the promises till the last breath. Whatever the age… girls are like little flowers… very smooth and very very soft hearted. You too get that care and love 10 times more than what you give.. if she takes you to the heart.

9. Support her mentally :

Encourage her in her aspirations and goals all the time. Give a helping hand with your words when she is losing her strength. It means a lot to her for sure.

10. Take her Help:

Women needs and Likes the men who depend on them for suggestions and plannings. And off course they are experts in many things these days so you will get good help from them and in bonus you will get her love too. Make some good conversations with her. To win her heart and love, share your thoughts and tell her you like her company and never get bored of it 🙂

Guys… try this.. It definitely works… And be honest and true in your relationship. Girls give the same and expect the same to keep her promise true.

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