10 Things Men should know about Women

10 Things Men should know about Women…

“Knowing much deeper about women is Injurious to Brain”

Laughing ???

No… ?

Then you are sooo sweet 🙂

You need to know many things but here i am discussing only 10 Things Men should know about Women

There are many circumstances that creates different opinions about girls whether it is positive or negative. If it is positive then you are a gentleman.

All girls are not same. There is definitely good and bad everywhere. But imagine if every woman is bad… then what about your mother?

So we should see everything as per their context and situation.

Why am I writing this topic ?

Ok… Let me tell you that

I heard from many guys criticizing women and playing jokes about their wife, Colleagues, a girl walking on the road. Many actually look very satisfied if someone is abusing women or scolding them. They might have faced a bitter experience with someone hardly 1 or 2 women. That’s why they are thinking like that. What might have hurt them ? Are these the below reasons?

Girls spend everything from boy’s pocket and finally they ditch them and marry someone else – This is what an unmarried guy thinks

They watch TV serials and try to behave same like that.. And creates daughter in-Law and mother in-law drama and fight at home- This is what a married men thinks.

Ladies do so much shopping and waste our time and money- A common problem for both married and unmarried guys.

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And what else you don’t like about her???..




I think this is too much what I wrote 🙂 . Hope you didn’t feel bore of reading this. My only concern is don’t underestimate the women. She is your daughter, she is your mother , she is your colleague and she is your wife that stands behind you in every stage of your life. Respect her… Love her… It’s okay if don’t do both of these but don’t Hurt her :-). To know how to win her heart…. ❤ Read more…

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